Bodylastics Family Pack Resistance Bands - 388 lbs of tensionQ:  I want to workout with resistance bands when I travel.  What would be the heaviest stretch band for a travel workout?

A:  I recommend Bodylastics. The orange band from the SuperStrong Man set has 30 lbs of tension, or 60 lbs if you try pulling both ends with the same leg or hand. The nice thing about Bodylastics is that you can clip on additional bands to the attachments, raising the combined resistance.  Keep in mind that taking any one single band on your travels isn’t the best way to exercise as each muscle group is capable of pulling more or less resistance than another muscle group.  While x number of pounds might be ok for leg exercises, it could be too much for your arms.  The Bodylastics tubes don’t have handles attached so carrying several of them in your luggage or backpack isn’t a problem.

And speaking of travel, if you’re going to have internet access, you can take advantage of these free resistance bands workouts Bodylastics offers.