Q:  I’m a 19 year old male currently weighing in at 192 lbs and am 6ft tall. I just started working out (just running on an ellipitcal 20-30 min a day) and am wondering where to start with strength training. I have next to no weight training experience, but I have access to both resistance bands and dumb bells at home. I’m wondering which would be best to start working out with?

Right now I think the best route is to start with the resistance bands, and then swtich to dumb bells later because like I said I have very little experience (some from school gym classes). Does this make sense?

My goal isn’t neccessarily to get ripped, just to lose the extra weight I’ve been carrying, and get healthy. Though a bit of extra muscle never hurt :).

Thanks for any help.


A:  Building muscle is the fastest way to lose the extra weight.  The more lean muscle you have, the more fat you’ll lose.  Obviously, exercises with dumbbells are limited to movements you do while holding them in your hands.  Resistance bands, provided you get a good set that include a door anchor and ankle straps, along with the usual handles, can perform most of the exercises that gym machines and benches can.  They are very effective for strength training.  For the most benefit, stay away from bands that already have the handles attached.  Look for tubes with clips on the ends so you can use the various attachments.  The clips also let you combine multiple bands at once for custom tension levels.  Click here to review resistance bands from Bodylastics, Workoutz, and Ripcords.