Latex-Free Resistance Bands - Rep BandsAlmost all resistance tubes and flat resistance bands are made of latex rubber, making them unsuitable for latex allergy sufferers.  We had a question from a woman who was looking for latex-free resistance resistance bands.  After doing much research we found an affordable source from a company called Power Systems.  I contacted them and they’ve got the flat bands, but not the tubing.

Rep Bands™ Latex-Free Bands & Tubing

The brand name of the bands is Rep Bands and they make both tubing and flat bands.  They come in affordable bulk rolls in a dispenser box that can be cut to length.    

Optional Handles

Handles are optional, but there are two different styles of handles, shown above.  One type works for both tubing and flat bands and the other type is for flat bands only.

Rep Bands Latex-Free Flat Resistance Bands

Number of BandsSold in dispenser box in 6 yd rolls, ready to cut to desired length
Band ConstructionNon-latex resistive material
PeachExtra light .15 mm
OrangeLight .20 mm
GreenMedium .30 mm
BlueHeavy .40 mm
PlumExtra Heavy .50 mm
AdjustableTo a point. Resistance may be adjusted by moving the hands up or down the length of the band
HandlesBoth padded and unpadded PVC are available
Workout ManualNo
Better Business Bureau RatingA+ Click here to view rating
Price$9.95 to $12.95 per roll
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