Resistance bands have become an increasingly popular fitness tool for those looking to tone muscles and increase strength.  Bands like Thera-band, an APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) endorsed product, are also ideal tools for Physical Therapy.  Like free weights, resistance bands are designed for strength training and to build muscle mass.  They come in varying levels of resistance represented by different colors.  The following color progression chart represents the resistance levels of each band:


So Why Use Resistance Bands?

There are number of advantages and some disadvantages with resistance bands over free weights.  Some may argue that free weights produce the best results for increased muscle mass.  However, studies show that there are added benefits to the use of resistance bands.  While free weights require gravity and up and down movements, resistance bands provide constant tension providing you with a full range of motion strength and allowing you to target areas that would typically be more difficult with free weights.


Some attractive features include:

  1. Portable – You can take it virtually anywhere.  Work out from your hotel room, office, or at home.
  2. No weights – Resistance bands are safe and easy to use.  No spotter is required unlike free weights.
  3. Inexpensive – It’s much cheaper than weights and machines.
  4. Safer – Fitness band exercises are much safer, dramatically reducing the chances of injury.
  5. Effective Workouts – You can targets areas that would normally be difficult with free weights.


There are some disadvantages with resistance bands which include:

  1. Varied resistance levels  – There are varied resistance levels during routines.  As the band stretches, the resistance level increases making routines difficult to finish.
  2. Control – The band can be difficult to control when it is fully stretched.
  3. Safety – Although bands are typically safer than weights, one can still get injured by the bands themselves if they snap.

Resistance Band Exercises

Regular uses for resistance bands include bicep curls where one would stand on the band, grasp both ends and pull up. There are however, a number of exercises that can be performed which include quick 5 minute workouts to long extensive routines. This site is dedicated to providing you with all of the best routines available to assist you with your workout goals.  Choose the routines that you are most comfortable with or use the ideas provided in this website and be creative.

Click here for some Resistance Exercises

Resistance Band Equipment

From resistance bands to exercise balls, there are a number of products to choose from.  The type of fitness activity you choose will determine which product is suitable for your program.
Pick equipment you enjoy using.  Believe us when we say if you don’t enjoy using it, it won’t be used.
Objective is to provide you with as much information as possible to help you with your decision.  If you cannot find answers to your questions within our website, please feel free to contact us

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