Resistance tubes or “chords” are a form of resistance bands that are rubber tubes with ergonomic handles and available in several different color-coded resistance levels.

Like the bands, you can do countless number of strength training exercises that help during physical therapy.  They give you a full range of motion and allow you to target virtually all areas.

Aside from the handles, there is another important factor to note between the bands and chords.  Certain exercises may be done more comfortably with a band.  For instance, push ups can be done with both, however, a band adheres to the contour of your body allowing for a more comfortable workout.  Certain exercises targeting the calf muscle or Achilles tendon are performed much more comfortably with a band over a chord.

Regardless of which you choose, both chords and bands are excellent strength training tools and the benefits that both provide are so similar, it just becomes a matter of preference as to which you choose.

ProductTube/Band ResistanceColorDiamter/Measurements 
Thera-Band Exercise Tubing 25' CUT TUBING - EXTRA THINExtra LightTan.062 ID x .031 wall
Thera-Band Thin Soft Grip Tubing, Yellow, 48-Inch
LightYellow.200 ID x .045 wall
Thera-Band Medium Soft Grip Tubing, Red, 48-Inch
Light MediumRed.200 ID x .057 wall
Thera-Band Heavy Soft Grip Tubing, Green, 48-Inch
MediumGreen.200 ID x .069 wall
Thera-Band Tubing Soft Handle, Color: Blue 48inMedium HeavyBlue.200 ID x .085 wall
Thera-Band Tubing Soft Handle, Color: Black 50inHeavyBlack.200 ID x .098 wall
Thera-Band Super Heavy Soft Grip Tubing, Silver, 50Extra HeavySilver.200 ID x .125 wall

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