Which Is Better?

Whether you choose to use free weights or resistance bands is entirely up to you.   Some of the best home gym setups, however, include both.  The purpose of this post is not to try to persuade you to use one more than the other but to educate you with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Some weightlifters would have you believe that resistance bands are less effective than free weights.  Those are the ones who are biased towards free weights, obviously. However, resistance bands are almost just as effective and are much more versatile. You get a greater range of motion since they are not dependent on gravity like free weights and you can target muscle groups that would otherwise be more difficult.

Here are some advantages with resistance band training:

1. Safer – Less chances of injury.
2. Range of Motion – You can target more muscle groups than free weights.
3. Portable – Take the resistance bands anywhere to workout.
4. Cost – You can purchase Theraband Resistance Bands at a fraction of the cost for free weights.
5. Tension increases as the band stretches.

Disadvantages of resistance bands:

1. Not recommended for body builders. Does not provide as much resistance as heavy weights.
2. Can snap and injure you.


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