Flex Bars are an effective way to treat the tendons in your elbows more commonly known as ‘tennis elbow”.  Studies have shown that people who have performed eccentric exercises with flex bars have shown significant improvement over those who have undergone physical therapy alone.

There are four different types of bars with color codes representing the level resistance.

ProductFlex Bar Resistance ColorDiameter 
Thera-band® Flexbar, Extra Light Resistance, Yellow
Light ResistanceYellow1 3/8"
Thera-band® FlexBar® - Red
Medium ResistanceRed1 1/2"
Thera-Band FlexBar - Resistance: 15 lbs. (Green)
Medium/Heavy ResistanceGreen1 3/4"
Hygenic Thera-band Flexbar - Heavy, Blue
Heavy ResistanceBlue2"

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