chest-exercisesIf you’re going to use resistance bands for chest exercises, you can be certain that your chest muscles will be targeted in a different yet very effective way.

The resistance bands will provide constant tension, stimulating your muscle fibers that much more.

Although many choose to use the tube bands with handles, I prefer to use the bands.


You have better control of the tension and you have a greater chance of injury if and when a tube snaps whereas any injury occurring from a band is very minimal.

Resistance Control

The wonderful benefit of working out with resistance bands is that they can be adjusted to fit any fitness level.

You have several ways of increasing or controlling the levels of intensity:

  1. Grasp the bands at different positions/locations.
  2. Combine the band with another band to increase the tension.
  3. Fold the band to double the intensity.

Chest Exercises With Resistance Bands

The exercises we’ve compiled together provide safe and effective chest exercises to be used with resistance bands.

They will target the lower, middle, and upper parts of the chest along with your shoulders and triceps.

Make to sure to stretch before performing any exercise.


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